Offline Meetup
AppleB’s community members have spontaneously organized various offline activities around the world. They unite and help each other,also care for the people around them. Blockchain has changed the world.AppleB members also use their own strength to infect the people around them. They have a common belief.They believe in the power of the community, and believe that the community can bring wealth and health to people
First Stop: Ukraine! AppleB Starts a Meetup Week
A core member of the AppleB Community Khrystyna has been to Ukraine and witnessed how the country has been in the middle of a battle of wills between its neighbors. Because of the complicated political situation, people there live a hard uncertain life and are concerned. During this comeback to Ukraine, Khrystyna hoped to discuss health and wealth issues of the locals and AppleB’s plans.
2nd Offline Apple Free Giving Event Successfully Held in Pakistan
Pakistanis are always warm, they are united and friendly. A Pakistani investor of AppleB agrees with AppleB’s concept of passing love and health very much. So he spontaneously organized an offline activity to pass on the spirit of AppleB to his friends
3rd Offline Apple Free Giving Event successfully held in Nigeria
In Nigeria, many people are poor, but they are cheerful by nature and they always dance for fun. Our AppleB community members are also positive and sunny people. He applied for a fee from AppleB community and bought a lot of green apples to share with the Nigerian people, conveying a positive attitude towards life
4th Offline Apple #Donation Successfully Held in Korea!
A group of children lived in an orphanage in South Korea. They lost their parents and lacked love. Damian, a member of AppleB’s community, organized an activity to visit children, which brought them healthy green apples, joy and love. Damian will continue to care about them