AppleB helps Priyanka Goswami at Tokyo Olympics
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Early Experience
Priyanka Goswami was born in an ordinary Indian family. She likes sports since she was a kid. She took several months of gymnastics training in school. Priyanka works for Indian Railways and barely make ends meet because she is the only economic support for her family.
Race Walk
The True Love
At first, Priyanka chose race walk simply because prizes for winning competitions were more generous there. She needed to make a living for her and her family and to continue her training. However, as she succeeded in her sports career, she became a part of race walk for a strive for a better life, for greater honors, and because she fell in love with it.

She switched to the sport she loves the most, race walk, for good. She wouldn’t give up because of heavy financial pressure but chose to turn it into motivation. She is determined to be the champion and bring her family a better life!
The Time of Life
Tokyo Olympics
In 2021, her life has started to change on a bigger scale after she shattered India’s national record in 20-kilometer race walk and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.
First Appearance
National Glory
Priyanka arrives in Tokyo on July 28. This is the first time she travels abroad to compete and her first large-scale sports event. After she broke the national record in 20 km women’s race walk in India, she couldn’t rest because she needed to train and prepare herself for the race. She hopes to train better and break the record again at Tokyo Olympics. Gold medal for India! After coming to Tokyo, she will start intensive training. Previously, Priyanka said she had never thought she could walk 20 km. The distance seemed long and boring. Now, this distance can make her more concentrated and stronger and lead her to greater achievements.
When the AppleB Community knew about Priyanka’s story, its members were deeply moved and willing to do something for her. Together they started a fundraiser aiming for USD 12,000. Previously, Priyanka may have not been wealthy, but the AppleB community hopes that in the future she will be able to reach higher levels and get infinitely exciting opportunities.
AppleB will support the Priyanka Goswami in this fundraiser! Go, Priyanka! We look forward to your best performance at #Tokyo2020!