The First App of the AppleB Ecology
Brand-new Buyback Business Model
How to join AppleB buyback?
The AppleB Community cooperates with various ad networks, games, etc. platforms across the world. These platforms pay for placing rewarded videos or task ads in AppleB App. After the app receives ad revenue, a part is used to incentivize the users who downloaded the games and watched the videos. Another part is used to buy back AppleB on PancakeSwap, build a closed-loop business model, and implement commercial use cases.
How to earn AppleB?
Download AppleB App, complete tasks, and earn AppleB in return.
E.g., complete the download, watch, and invitation tasks in the app daily. When you get used to the tasks, you will be able to earn over USD 2 worth of AppleB in just one hour.
How to earn more AppleB with referrals?
AppleB App has in-built invitation rebates. After you share the app to a friend and they fill in your invitation code, you can get rewards when your friend completes tasks. E.g., if A invites B, A can get B’s task rewards. See the rules below:
Invite up to 100 users and get 1 % of their task rewards;
Invite over 100 users and get 3 % of their task rewards;
Invite over 500 users and get 5 % of their task rewards.
We also have indirect rebates. E.g., A invited B and B invited C. Then, A can get task rewards of both B and C. See the rules below:
When you indirectly invite up to 100 users, you get 0.5 % of their task rewards;
When you indirectly invite over 100 users, you get 1 % of their task rewards;
When you indirectly invite over 500 users, you get 1.5 % of their task rewards.