Why Choose AppleB?


Instant Rewards

Each transfer has a 5% tx fee of which 2% will be allocated pro rata to holders and the other 3% will be burned.



100% of AppleB tokens enter PancakeSwap.There is no reserve. Anyone can transact and hold it freely.

Real-time Burn Stats

Real-time Dividend Stats

How to Get AppleB?

Please follow the below steps. For assistance, please join our  Telegram group.
Contract: 0x4dc7c9148a1f495872a5b31cf459ac7989cdce79
  • 1

    Create a wallet supporting BSC

    AppleB can be used on Binance Smart Chain. Download TokenPocket or MetaMask to create a BSC wallet. TokenPocket is more recommended for mobile use and MetaMask is better for browsers.

  • 2

    Deposit $BNB to the wallet

    Transfer some $BNB from a wallet (e.g. Binance) to your TokenPocket or MetaMask wallet address. It will be used to pay for gas in transactions.

    Detailed steps for TokenPocket (Mobile App): click here

  • 3

    Swap for AppleB

    For swap, provide AppleB contract address on PancakeSwap: 0x4Dc7c9148A1F495872A5b31CF459ac7989cDCE79.Slippage is 10%.

    Detailed steps for TokenPocket (Mobile App): click here


AppleB Token Symbol
10,000 Trillion Total Supply
2% Tx Reward
3% burned in each tx
Get AppleB for FREE
Each newcomer to this website will be given an amount of $AppleB.
The philosophy of AppleB is to pass on love, pass on physical and financial health. Cryptocurrencies may make you rich, but the prices are often highly volatile, AppleB community advises that any holders to invest no more than 10% of your personal assets.
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